All products are now sold out. Due to not having enough time to fulfill order requests, I dont want people waiting for months to get their parts.

I will be doing batches of parts every so often, so if you have the time to wait, which could be 1 week to 2 months, then contact me via email or PM on the forums.

I never intended this to be a full time job… I just wanted to help out the FEW that had the Swift II….now it seems everyone and their brother has one and wants parts made for it. I just cant handle that load right now.

Hello everyone!

I just want to give everyone a heads up on ordering and when to expect your items.

First off, I am only one person, working from my garage, to make these products. This first started out as a little side project. It has turned into a very time intensive JOB. Not something I wanted to do really. So I have begun to make products in batches. I make 4-5 motor mounts at a time, for example. So if you happen to order and not get your item for a few weeks, its probably due to me waiting a little bit to get another order or two in. The material isn’t cheap. I am also not making any profit at this point due to how long I have to sit in the garage. Think of it as my contribution to the FPV/RC community. I am ok with that.

Next…. being that this IS a side project and I dont have the ability to sit in the garage for a few hours a day, I am trying to get everything done on the weekends. That being said….. I JUST got married. I JUST bought a house. I JUST moved my 83 yr old grandmother into my new house, with my new wife. We (I) am her primary caregiver, along with having a full time job already. So with doing repairs on the house, dealing with G’Mah and trying to make my new wife happy… sadly, you guys get put at the back of the line.

So be patient. You WILL get your parts. You will most likely get a lot more than what you ordered, if you really have been waiting. Ask on the threads…. I am very generous with the people that are willing to hang out a little bit.

Also, if you place an order… I normally email you as soon as I see the paypal notice, giving you a heads up on when I can ship the order.

Thanks for understanding,


Altitude Junkies started as a group of FPV pilots gathering together at Key Biscayne to have a good time. The group got larger and larger until the park looked like an airport by the time everyone had all there planes out.


All our gear has been through thorough testing / crash testing :) We are located in beautiful South Florida.

Happy Flying!



LOCATION: Coral Springs, Fl

Part 97 : Sec. 97.215 Telecommand of model craft PDF Link
An amateur station transmitting signals to control a model craft may be operated as follows:
(a) The station identification procedure is not required for transmissions directed only to the model craft, provided that a label indicating the station call sign and the station licensee’s name and address is affixed to the station transmitter.
(b) The control signals are not considered codes or ciphers intended to obscure the meaning of the communication.
(c) The transmitter power must not exceed 1 W.
[54 FR 25857, June 20, 1989, as amended at 56 FR 56171, Nov. 1, 1991]

Quote from Dragon Link Website:
“The Dragon Link system uses frequency hopping on the ARS 433 MHZ band at a power of 500 mW”

FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 91-57: PDF FILE
“This advisory circular outlines, and encourages voluntary compliance with, safety standards for model aircraft operators.”

What is the AMA? Website Link
“Self-supporting, non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote development of model aviation as a recognized sport and worthwhile recreation activity.”


Quoted from FPVLab

They have no authority to tell anyone what to do. They can however, revoke your AMA membership. It would be like if I told you you can’t drive your dodge viper on the street because the Sports Car Club of America doesn’t allow it in Miata races.


T-OSD Navigator Review

I had been watching the T OSD develop during Alexs’ night flights for some time now. So when I was asked by Tosh to test and review one I couldn’t have been more thrilled. A few days later a nice and neat package was delivered to my door.

I received the following parts for review:

1x T OSD
1x GPS 10 Hz
1x 50a Current Sensor
1x Thermistor

Board size: 2×1.5 inches (5cm X 3.81cm)
Weight: 7 grams

Hands down the thing the T OSD has going for it is that it is ready to go RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. Because of it’s simplicity to install and use without sacrificing any features I would suggest this OSD to both FPV noobies and advanced pilots both.

The T OSD has reverse polarity protection, which is always a plus so that you never end up accidentally frying the board. Right out of the box the first thing I was impressed with is how simple and well made the OSD is. The instructions were clear but pretty much not needed; I glanced at them for a moment and had the whole system up and running a few minutes later. Easier then any other OSD I have installed (minus the HK simple OSD) and packed with tons of more features.

Another thing that I am crazy about is the fact that there is NO CALIBRATION NEEDED! Amperage pulled, battery voltage, RSSI its all good to go right out of the box. I hate calibrating so this is something that really really had me excited.

Programming the alarms on the T OSD was a breeze. There are three buttons on the OSD to open up the on screen menu. One button opens it and the other two navigate up and down. I went to the field to maiden the Z without programming it and it literally took me 20 seconds to program everything in before the flight. The OSD has a built in EEPROM so once you program it once all the settings are saved for good.

The following data is indicated on the screen; any of these can be turned off in the menu:

Air Speed
Distance from Base
Temperature (range 10 to 350)
Receiver Signal Strength (RSSI)
Vertical Speed Arrow
Satellite Links Indicator
Satellite Connection Resolution
Time Elapsed
Two Volt Meters
Longitude and Latitude
Battery Life
Low Voltage Alarm
Current Indicator
Arrow to Base
Longitude and Latitude (can be set up to show below a certain altitude)

The T-OSD comes with the LOCOSYS LS20031. This is a very sensitive GPS receiver with built in battery to save the location information for faster satellite fix. The GPS also has an LED indicator that lets you know when it has acquired a satellite fix.


Installation was a breeze, I made a simple wire harness for video in video out and power from my video battery. Plugged it in and everything was up and running. Since there are pretty much only two temperatures in Miami, hot and hot as hell I saw no reason to put the temp gauge on the outside of the plane. Instead I put it next to my ESC so I could see how hot it was getting. The current sensor comes with Deans connectors preinstalled which was great. I am also very impressed with how clean and neat the current sensor is set up.

The temp guage is rated at 150 degrees I believe so if someone wanted to use a gasser they can use it to monitor their motor temp.

First Flight:

Plugged her in, GPS got 7 satellites almost instantly at 1.7 so we were ready to go. Tossed her up and the whole flight was glitch free. Home arrow was accurate, RSSI, voltage, amperage everything was on the money. I couldn’t be happier, check out the video below.


Pros: Easy to install, packed with features, no calibration needed, very good tech support.

Cons: The only con I noticed is that it does not display a flight summary when you land. Tosh has already addressed this issue though I just need to update my firmware.

The T OSD is available now at
It will also have antenna tracking very soon!

Rocking out the Zephyr at Key Biscayne

The most advanced Swift 2 in the world

Swift 2 Cloud Surfing

Zephyr hitting 119mph

Swift 2 Tree Dodging

Maxi Swift crashed and almost Stolen

A bunch of people showed up at Key Biscayne this weekend for a fun-filled day of crashes and failed starts.As always, Chad won the distance prize.
[youtube TimtuWEKWdA]
[youtube vv221YMZqY8]
[youtube 97e0k3VdTBA]